Buses in Thailand

Thailand Buses

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It’s like sitting in an inexpensive, polluted sauna. 9 baht=27 US cents to ride an hour in a hot box fully equipped with hard wood floors, mini fans, and open windows.

In all seriousness, the bus is bomb.com. My first couple of months here all I wanted to do was get air conditioned, cushioned taxis or Grab cars (Uber for Asia).  But now that I understand how the buses work I love the bus system.  Especially when there’s no infamous Bangkok traffic? Wow-ee.  The buses are “frickin lit”.  They play music, sometimes have colored lights, and the attendants are normally very friendly- much friendlier than taxi drivers.  Also, you can’t get swindled on a bus.  IN FACT, sometimes there’s no one to take your money and it ends up being free!

Short story: This week I hopped on a bus and the driver started racing another bus as they screamed and laughed at one another.  It was terrifying and hilarious at the same time.  Like a roller coaster with no belts.

Side note: There is an air conditioned bus option that costs 11-15 baht, which is about 32-44 cents.  I only ride those when I am feeling fancy.



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  1. I can’t Argue with that, I took some bus sometimes and was like mobile Night club, despite that the music sucks (just personal opinion), it was very funny and much better than the bus here in France where everybody so serious and use headphone and nobody talk.it’s also a cheap way to move, inside Bangkok. When I was teaching in Thailand, I had to take moto taxi from my Room to the BTS, then stop to Saphan Taksin Station, to catch a boat to cross the Chao Praya River then take a Bus to Samut Phrakan to go to my school it was 2 hours trip 🙂 very tiring but it was ok. Have you tried to use boat Taxi? that’s a nice and cheap way to travel around Bangkok as well :). Despite some discrimination, all Thai people are not like that and you can find lovely people, have faith and enjoy Thailand.


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