Teaching in Thailand While Black (Part 2: Mark)

Teaching in Thailand While Black (Part 2: Mark)

Many people have asked me “So how is Mark liking Thailand?” since I posted my first blog.  As you may know, Mark is my fiancé who I moved here with.  He is an African-American male from San Diego who is 6 feet 9 inches tall, and he’s a pretty cool guy. So how is he liking it?


Mark is absolutely having the time of his life.  I will break it down by month.

Month #1:

Mark arrives a month before I do.  He lives in a hostel where he meets people from all over the world.  Since this is the second-time Mark has ever been out of the country (Dominican Republic being the first), he’s worried but eager to meet new people and try new things.  Immediately he latches on to some long-term tourists who show him wonderful places like Khao San Road and Nana.  Great for drinking, dancing, and meeting even more new people.  He goes out every night and eventually meets some African-American men from the Thai basketball team.  More nightly partying ensues.

FullSizeRender 4

Month #2:

I arrive. The wet blanket.  As soon as I arrive Mark realizes that in order for me to stop nagging him, he’s going to have to find a full-time job.  Throughout the month, he starts working at the clubs at night as a party promoter, and tutoring various Thai children throughout the day in English conversation.  The club owners love him. The Thai families love him.  We even go to Phuket for a weekend getaway. Everything is wonderful for him.

Month #3:

Mark decides to get serious about his time here in Bangkok.  He begins to contact recruiters for teaching jobs and almost instantly lands one, right outside of the Don Muang Airport.  It is a little further north of the main city, but the recruiter offers him a regular salary, a paid for apartment within walking distance of his school, and opportunity to earn extra income if he picks up more classes. During class, Mark teaches conversational English.  He hosts debates like “What’s better K-Pop or American Pop?”. He assigns projects like “Create a comic strip amount anything you want but it must be in English.” He also helps with both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams teaching them how to do “NBA moves” as requested by the scholars.  His favorite move of course, is to dunk on children.


Mark has experienced no racial discrimination at all whatsoever.  Of course, people stare, but he’s a 6’9” black man he got stared at in America.  He is happy and positive and having a wonderful time.

That being said, everyones experience in this country is different. I am so happy his time here is one filled with such positivity.




  1. Hi.
    Also from San Diego. Been here almost 6 years already.
    can you tell me if Mark has any degrees, teaching docs and/or certs?
    I’m looking for something more stable than what I have now (just a few private tutoring students), but I dont have any of the above mentioned credentials. And now the new migrant worker laws are more strict.
    Does the agency he went to help provide a work permit, because thats what really matters.
    Anyway, if you can reply to me, maybe we can meet up and chill since we’re both from SoCal.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Brother Bear


  2. Hey Kris, you disabled comments on part 1? I just wrote a long-winded comment with the intention of making you feel better and reaching the point that this nonsense won’t bother you any more.

    (How can I send that to you? Got a FB or @?)

    glald to hear that Mark is having a good time. My friend is 1,97 and kids have been thrilled seeing him LOL.

    One day I wore boxer shorts with flames (bought as a joke for a friend whose name was on these shorts). A young boy screamed “FARABG”, pointing at me LOL. But then, some young girl seeing me get off a big bike, clad in black leathers said “you look c l e v e r”.

    Make the most of your stay!


    1. Can’t comment on part 1 (I tried again).

      Hey Kris
      what’s up? If only life was as simple. Many BBC newsreaders are minorities. And white = good, black = bad reminds me of “Animal Farm” slogans.

      Firsst day at a Thai high school, a 60 y.o. teacher commented on them hiring “South Africans, but no Blacks”. Can’t have t h o s e… Now schools are in a race to the bottom, hiring people with fake degrees etc.

      When I was recruiting for schools, NATIONAL ORIGIN was very important. Some applicants were quite good but from Burma. ** One school paid a Cameroonian 5,000 THB more than the experienced Philippino teacher with a very high work ethic and a masters degree.

      Notice those TV ads? Whitening cremes and even deodorants. Yeah, us guys lust after snow white armpits LOL.

      My wife is African American with curly hair. I’m saddened seeing her pay for “hair straightening” perms and whitening cosmetics. I’ve failed instilling a sense of self-worth.

      Blast the skin colour, start living! Ageism is another thing. I’ve read ads rejecting those “above 28” etc.

      Instead of saying “gotta have a TOEIC score of say >930” they focus on nationalities!

      Kris, one day this should not get to you any more. Bathing in draagon’s blood helped the hero.



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