Do As The Name Says: Phuket

So you’re in Phuket.  Everyone told you to go to Krabi. But you’re in Phuket. You overslept and missed the ferry to Phi Phi Islands. So you’re in Phuket.  You also overslept for the Elephant Sanctuary.  So…you’re…in… Phuket. And not only are you in Phuket, you’re at Patong Beach.  The party beach. When in reality, you had no plan to party.  All you wanted to do was go to the islands and see the elephants.  So Phuket. Find ways to have fun! Without waking up the next morning with a massive hangover.

Phuket is actually super duper fun, it’s just…I’ve already been there. Mark and I went a couple of months ago and met this awesome couple from England.  We partied at a hip hop bar and drank unlimited drinks for 3 hours for 800 baht ($24). Super fun.

And while I probably could have done way more, I was kind of disappointed all the things I planned to do that weekend were ruined.  And I am the one that ruined them. Anyway, so you’re in Phuket.

So you’re with your friends and you book a basic studio bedroom with no windows and no shower curtain for $20 for two nights.  You’re safe, there’s AC, the sheets are clean, and you don’t need to share a room (I snore).  You go outside and you realize, “I am a 20 minute walk from the actual strip.” But that’s ok, because everything is cheaper that way.  So you’re with your awesome friends, you get some cheap food, and you walk towards the beach.  In the back of your mind you know the water is not as picturesque as Phi Phi Islands, and you know the beach is not as entertaining as elephants, but you’re determined to make the best of it.  So you let your friends rent two 200 baht ($6) beach chairs, you put your stuff down, and you go to the water.

Alright….so I swam. Boring. What’s next?

You decide, I am not going to let the money I saved go to waste. I am going jet skiing!

This portion of the story must be told from a different point of view because it is too funny to remember.

My friend Tori has never been jet skiing before.  So I put on my life jacket, get my 10 minute lesson from the instructor, and try to convince Tori to get on the jet ski and ride with me.  *smacks forehead* This girl decides she’s too scared to get on.  I use a gentle voice to convince her she will be safe.  Then she decides now that she’s on the jet ski behind me, she wants to reach out and grab the handles that are in front of me.  My goodness, she almost killed us. As I drove out in to the water she ripped out the key, pressed the stop and the start button, and continuously tried to pull the brake and the gas levers…all at once!  IN HER DEFENSE, the waves were incredibly choppy. Salt water was everywhere. But still. Tori was very brave that day I am incredibly proud of her. Even if we did capsize at the end.


Also in her defense, I attempted to give my friend Ngoni a try at driving the jet ski.  She had a lesson as well.  This girl drove so fast she hit a wave, turned the jet ski, and threw me out into the ocean.  I was afraid for my life, much as to how Tori probably felt the entire ride with me.  Ngoni had to turn the jet ski around and try not to hit me on the way back to save me.  Way out in the ocean she decides to drive like a maniac.

Jet skiing almost made everything worth it, but we were not finished.  That day, I became, a true photographer.  For at least an hour and a half we took pictures of each other.  If you can’t post pictures from a vacation on social media did it really even happen?

Last but not least, we took a bunch of pictures with strangers.  Three black girls on a beach? Two African-American and one African-Scottish? Why would they pass up the opportunity?

In the end we had amazingly big plans to go partying all night long but instead we all went to sleep in our separate hotel rooms and pulled the Old Maid card.

Wonderful vacation, Phuket is never dull.



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