No More Teaching in Thailand for Me

I am back! After living in Bangkok, Thailand for three months I decided to return home. While I enjoyed my time in the country, I wasn’t fitting in the way I wanted to. It is a beautiful, spectacular place but it was just time to go home. There’s something that happens when you return from being abroad for a while. People treat you differently, you act differently, and you realize life kept moving even after your left. Here are some perfect examples of what happened while I was gone:

1. Bills. I came home to several bills from different places that I didn’t know I owed anything to. It’s absolutely terrible. No idea how they’re going to get paid.

2. People keep asking me how Thailand was but no one really wants to know the answer. That’s a valuable lesson for all travelers, no one actually cares about your trip.

3. My mother’s health has declined and I didn’t know how badly until I returned. Not much more to say on that. Prayers are welcome.

But boy, am I happy to be back. 

How are people treating me differently?

1. Wanderlusters are confused by me lol. The idea I would leave a country as amazing as Thailand totally befuddles them.

2. My friends are paying for things! They keep taking me to dinners, lunches, brunches, Uber rides. Mostly because they know I am broke. But also because they missed me.

How do I act differently?

1. I keep bowing at everyone! People like it.

2. I want to speak Thai to people! No one knows it.

3. I am a pleasanter person. I keep smiling. When you travel, and you don’t speak the language, your gestures and facial expressions drive you. You have to show how you feel and what you want with what you do and not what you say. I am so much more active in my hand movements and I always show my pearly whites. I feel like a better person from my experience.

What will I do now?

I have no idea. Not being employed is giving me wild amounts of anxiety. My parents are both pushing me to find a government job with full benefits that will pay me lots of money. They’re tired of their daughter, the broke teacher. They’re sick AND tired of their daughter, the broke traveling teacher. They want me to have a career that sends me to different countries and pays me lots of money. I am not going to lie, I really want that too. But I don’t know how to go about finding such a dream job. 

How am I feeling to be back?

I seem to be in fog. I’m jetlagged. I spent most of my money while I was beach hopping in Thailand (totally worth it). I sold my car before I left so I’ve been metro-ing most places. I have a credit card bill coming up. I’m unemployed. I miss my fiancé. So the answer is bleh. I feel bleh.

Lastly, the infamous question. Where’s Mark?

MARK IS IN THAILAND LIVING IT UP, FRIENDS. I told you guys he loves it there. I am sure eventually he will come home but for now he’s happy. Yes, we are still together. This is literally the longest-distance relationship I have ever been in.


There is gold at the end of the rainbow. I get to take care of my mom now. I get to see my friends. Plus, I get to test my immune system by eating Chipotle again. It all works out.



  1. First… How’s your mom?? take care of her and your dad!!!
    Now so very sorry it didn’t work out for you in another world… Just part of life and lessons learned. Don’t let it discourage you in any way
    Last are YOU coming back to Perry Street

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  2. Beautifully written my love! I totally get the bleh. It’s sucks. But it too shall pass. Hit me up on Facebook if you’re still looking for a job and would be interested in moving to New Orleans lol. I can help! Anyway, welcome back & I think you gotta come to meet up with me in Costa Rica one of these summers. 💕🤗

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  3. So real and so straight up … I can dig and I can appreciate the courage and forwardness about yourself…(priceless) it’s not about the money and no one does it anymore I feel like… it’s a vocation and I believe you served what you were due by your higher power and now it is time to be here back with your family as you figure out the next step! I wish you blessings and I encourage you to continue to pay ur dues in life even when u think you can’t , you absolutely can pay it forward and I already have the feeling in my heart that it is going to be ok and the world is yours way more than even you know… stay well…. which is the biggest blessing of all


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    1. Thank you so much Camille ❤️❤️❤️ that was super nice of you to say. I definitely believe my Higher Power is literally pushing me where I need to go. I need it lol. Thank you again for reading and for the positive words ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Great read ! I want to validate your feelings and express my admiration at the fact that you consistently let your heart guide you to the places where you were meant to be and do the things you were meant to do. It’s not easy and you transition so gracefully. Sending prayers and positive vibes to your mom. ❤

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  5. This is great! I had to laugh at the positives to coming back – friends buying lunch 😊 I live far from my family and its hard as they get older because they never want to tell you about illnesses and other things that we wouldn’t know unless we saw them. Welcome back home!

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  6. Bit late, I’m sorry Thailand didn’t work out for you. Hoping all is well?

    I left Thailand almost a month ago, I’m now in the States!


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