A Lazy Person’s Guide to Teaching Abroad

Lazy People Guide to Teaching Abroad

I am lazy. But I love travel. This is an easy list of ways to teach abroad without long cover letters, intense essays, letters of recommendation, or spending money on recruiters.

1. To teach abroad I always tell people to go to South Korea for their first time.  No prior teaching experience required.  All you need is a bachelors! Also many of the schools offer the following:


  • Give flight reimbursement
  • Don’t require a TESL certification
  • Supply free housing
  • It’s a super fun place with access to Western things people might miss


2. Use a job board. Schools and recruiters post daily open positions that need to be filled. They give detailed explanations of location, pay, and benefits. If they don’t, don’t pursue it. My favorites are:


  • Dave’s ESL Café (eslcafe.com) Includes an International job board, South America has been appearing more and more.
  • Craigslist
  • Teach Away (teachaway.com)
  • Ajarn (ajarn.com) Exclusive for jobs in Thailand and some Myanmar



3. Use a recruiter! I love recruiters because they do all the hard work. You submit your resume, they find you an interview, no tomfoolery, no frustration in finding your own school. Also, if you don’t like the first school they recommend, just tell them no. They want you to go overseas! They get paid for it! Don’t settle. The following are some great recruiters:

  • On the Mark TEFL onthemarktefl.com (China, Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia)
  • EF English First englishfirst.com (80 cities in Asia)
  • Footprints Recruiting footprintsrecruiting.com (I know them for Abu Dhabi and Dubai recruitment but they have more)


4. Teach online. So you’ve decided going oversees isn’t for you but you still want some of the experience. Teach students in Asia online. Alternatively, many teachers overseas want extra income and teach online as well. The interview process personally attacks my laziness so I never followed through but many people earn about $800 a month working 15 hours a week.

4. I saved the best for last. For those who don’t have the time to leave home for an entire year but still want the experience, there’s an amazing program called Angloville (angloville.com) that my friend Precious was accepted to. If accepted, you travel to Europe or Oceania for two weeks living, working, and meeting people in the program. You must pay for your own flight, and you teach during the day, but your accommodations are paid for which is incredible. If anyone has done it please let me know!

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 4.49.50 PM





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