Genesis: New Beginnings


I have been reading Genesis and it has to be the Bible’s most boring book. I just…don’t get it.  But I am reading it because it starts with The Beginning. And I am starting from the beginning. Here is a list of new beginnings for me:

  1. I am single.
  2. I have a new job.
  3. I took a break from school.
  4. I am fully appreciating the friendships I have.

Section 1: Single

Have you ever heard the expression “Single like a dollar bill, mingle yes I surely will”?  IT AIN’T ME! While yes, I have enjoyed going out with friends, being single is trash.  It’s mostly me, sitting at home at night watching The Big Bang Theory or Sex and the City reruns.  Alone. Super, duper, alone. My phone is always dry, and I am always eating.

Image result for carrie and big

Yes, I know you’re wondering why we broke up. We were together for four years, engaged for two of them. I am not putting the intricate details of my relationship on the internet BUT I will tell you this: Yes, he is returning to the states. To California actually. Yes, I am in terrible pain. No, I will not be fixing my problems with ice-cream.  I am doing my best not to gain a bunch of awkward breakup weight so please, offer me a Potbelly’s salad and not a Coldstone cone.

And to all my friends who decided to get engaged, or married, or just be plain happy while I was gone while I am super supportive of your relationships, I am just not ready to hear about them yet.

Section 2: New Job

Actually it’s my old job. BUT I have a new role! I am now a Reading Specialist. I am so blessed to have this opportunity. Just so you know a Reading Specialist is a part of an intervention program to help students get on their reading grade level.  I pull 1-3 students at a time and read with them. It’s like a dream. I am also an after school tutoring coordinator. Good money, good students, great boss. I’m excited.

Section 3: School Break

I took a month off from my Doctorate classes. To be honest, I might switch programs.  I am realizing with my education that it really isn’t what you know but who you know. And while online classes are amazing, I think I need to go into a room, get over my social anxiety (that can only be cured with alcohol), and meet people. I have been looking at some Howard University programs for a second masters or a PhD in Education Psychology. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Image result

Section 4: Friends

Wow, my friends are bomb. They’re supportive. They read my posts. They invite me to happy hour and museums and workouts. They go out with me even when they don’t want to so I don’t have to be home alone.  Short and sweet, they’re blessings.

No, my life is not going as planned. I wanted to move to Thailand and spend the next four years completing my doctorate, continuing my teaching career, and spending time with my fiancé. Life is crap sometimes. But if Joseph can have his coat of many colors taken, and have his brothers sell him into slavery, be locked up and forgotten for years, and still become a king…I think I will be okay.





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